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John Verdi

I have been a college teacher of liberal arts for over 45 years, devoting my time to reading books and discussing them with students. About 2 years ago I began to make photos, with the intention of learning how to see better what is around me. I am interested in the many forms that good photography can take, but I limit myself to a few areas. In my more philosophical moods, I continue to struggle with the place of the photographed image in the world of art and in society as a whole. 

My photos are eclectic, which means that at the moment they fall into several classes. I do not stage my photos, but rather try to capture a moment, a scene, an event that presents itself to me, and that can be the beginning of a conversation. I find geometrical shapes attractive, especially those found in human constructions (architecture). I'm also a fan of street photography, both of people and places. I also enjoy making pictures of works of art, including other photos! 

I will add more photos and remove some. I have many more than I've posted here.I may also add or subtract categories. I find placing photos in categories to be confining and misleading, but maybe necessary to organize the site. Please contact me with questions, comments, suggestions, and links to your own work.



2021: Street Scenes, Maryland Federation of Art

               Collector's Choice, Maryland Federation of Art

           Member's Show, Maryland Federation of Art

               Food for Thought, Maryland Federation of Art


                                  Community Art Show, Mitchell Gallery, St. John's College

                                  Pictorialist Challenge, Mitchell Art Gallery. St. John's College

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